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Intuitive Tools: Oracle Decks

The Alchemy Flower Oracle and Eco Heart Oracle are nature-based intuitive tools created by an award-winning environmental artist and intuitive. Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to access your  intuition. Pull a card every morning to set intentions for the day or consult them to receive guidance and help with challenges or issues. Pulling a card and using it as a writing or journaling prompt is a great way to connect to your intuition and do some guided writing. Over time your deck will become attuned to your energy, especially if you work with it on a regular basis. Yes! It’s okay to give an oracle deck as a gift!

Grow a Flourishing & Magical Pollinator Garden

Join a magical course experience and learn how to grow a flourishing pollinator garden filled with flowers, veggies and medicinal plants. You’ll learn practical gardening skills combined with nature-based rituals and metaphysical tools to reconnect to Nature and Spirit—and bring healing energy to the world.

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Your support helps us grow flowers for bees and pollinators + helps us fund KIVA loans to women in agriculture in developing countries. Thank you!! 


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