Alchemy Farm Flower Essence Botanical Gift Box

The perfect gift for flower lovers, gardeners and nature lovers.

A limited edition seasonal botanical box curated with love and care.

A magical botanical gift for yourself or loved ones. 

Each gift box includes unique flower and botanical offerings intuitively chosen from a selection of: flower essences, handcrafted body care products, limited edition art prints, flower jewellery or earth crystals, flower music, guided meditations, and seasonal rituals to reconnect to Nature. Also included is a one card oracle reading, chosen from the Alchemy Flower Oracle.

The flowers in our flower essences and botanical offerings were naturally grown and wildcrafted with love and care at Alchemy Farm, on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

The flowers provided home and habitat for bees and pollinators before becoming treasured offerings for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Each botanical gift box purchases allows us to grow more flowers for bees and pollinators plus helps fund KIVA loans to women in agriculture in developing countries—thank you!

Each Botanical Box is unique with a selection of items chosen intuitively from:

Alchemy Flower Essences

Magical solar or lunar Alchemy Farm flower essences intuitively chosen for you

Guided Flower Meditations

Seasonal flower meditations featuring flower music from Alchemy Farm

An Oracle Reading Just for You

Every box includes a special one card reading chosen from the Alchemy Flower Oracle

A Special Floral Jewellery Piece

A unique jewellery piece created by a local artisan

Alchemy Herbal Body Care

Luxurious body care products handmade at Alchemy Farm

Beautiful Healing Earth Crystals

Crystals include the energetic uses and special meanings

For flower lovers, gardeners and nature lovers

Alchemy Farm Botanical Gift Box

• Free pick up at our Farm Stand
• Delivery on Salt Spring Island
• Delivery by Canada Post

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Alchemy Farm Botanical Gift Boxes are a perfect for flower lovers, gardeners and nature lovers. They also help to support bees and pollinators at our flower sanctuary haven!

Thank You, Your Support Helps Fund

Kiva Loans to Women

Your support of Alchemy Farm helps us fund KIVA loans to women in developing countries + helps grow flowers for bees and pollinators!

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