Flower Workshop Gift Certificates are available for delivery, and you can add a Mason Jar Posy for an extra special gift.

Welcome to Alchemy Farm

Home of the Alchemy Flower Oracle and Eco Heart Oracle. We host Intuitive and Flower Workshops at our beautiful 10 acre farm on Salt Spring Island.  We invite you to join us in this magical place of discovery, slow down and reconnect with Nature.

Creating an environmentally sustainable flower farm for pollinators - and humans alike. Sharing our connections to the natural world through intuitive and flower based workshops and immersive retreats.

We are a flower farm, flower school and art & design studio based on Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We are committed to using only our own naturally grown and wildcrafted flowers and flowers locally grown—within 100 miles of us. Flowers are picked to order from our gardens, which are steps from our door, so you know they’re fresh! 

Our flowers are grown without chemicals or pesticides, providing safe homes and food for pollinators—and flowers for humans to enjoy! 

As a seasonal flower farm we work in tune with the seasons to provide flowers for local delivery and special events. From early spring to late fall you'll find beautiful flowers available in our Farm Stand. 

We also offer private and group Flower Workshops and Intuitive Workshops (gift certificates available), Oracle Decks, created by award winning environmental artist, Ingrid Koivukangas, co-creator of Alchemy Farm. 

We believe in giving back and are proud to be members of KIVA where partial proceeds from our flower sales support farmers in third world countries.

Alchemy Flower and Intuitive School

Messages from the Garden ~ Journal

Spring at Alchemy Farm

Spring at Alchemy Farm

The front show garden is filing out with spring green in all shades and textures. Narcissus are waving cheerfully from all over the farm. I love their simple beauty and can barely bring myself to cut them into bouquets. Hyacinth are announcing themselves in perfumed strains on the breezes. The Hellebores are holding up their drooping heads alongside the Vinca and newly emerging Violets. Early tulips have started joining the party. The Bleeding Hearts are raising naked stalks skyward, along with the Peony and Aquilea. Everywhere flowers are beginning to emerge, welcoming this new spring. 
The Perfection of Flower Messengers - Behind the Alchemy Flower Oracle

The Perfection of Flower Messengers - Behind the Alchemy Flower Oracle

As I’ve worked with the flowers from choosing the seeds to germinating them and tending them, transplanting them and caring for them, I’ve worked with their energy. Each flower species feels different, they each carry a deep and ancient energy that manifests as flowers. Like us they are made of stardust and dinosaur bones, of incantations, breath of our Ancestors, that have travelled the Earth for eons. They are sacred beings, part of the circle of life that we all belong to.

The Alchemy Flower Oracle - Becoming a Flower Apprentice for the Earth

The Alchemy Flower Oracle - Becoming a Flower Apprentice for the Earth

The Alchemy Flower Oracle provides a way of communicating with the natural world, with flowers that carry messages that your intuition can interpret and understand. The cards are a healing tool to help you explore your connections to yourself and the world around you. Pre-order your Oracle during the Kickstarter campaign.  

Kind Words from our visitors

What a wonderful experience!… It was so nurturing to connect with the beauty of the farm, learn about the huge selection of flowers and plants on the Island. Ingrid (owner) was so knowledgable and so warm and kind… and patient, as we brought along our mother in law (78 yrs) and were able to spend time resting between the sections of tour. We were provided with some yummy treats and coffee before our bouquet design lesson. Overall, the experience was wonderful and I most certainly give it 5/5.


Magical place. Glad that my mom and I joined this tour+workshop. Ingrid is very knowledgeable on flowers and love her unique style of floral arrangements. Floral and nature lover won't be disappointed. Thank you.


Thank you ever so much! She was beaming all day. :)  I so appreciate the added items, and your thought, yet humbly, and with no expectation on my part. Thank you for helping me convey my love, and for mirroring the beauty I experience with her. Thank you! :)


In wildness is the preservation of the world

Henry David Thoreau