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Alchemy Farm on Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia

We grow gorgeous flowers and seeds, on our 10-acre farm, in tune with the seasons, without chemicals or pesticides, providing safe homes and food for bees and pollinators—plus flowers for humans to enjoy.

We offer a limited number of seasonal, unique floral arrangements created with Alchemy Farm specialty grown and wildcrafted flowers and greenery. Each one is made to order by an award-winning artist and designer.

We are home to the Alchemy Flower Music Gardens, where the music is created with flowers…really, music created from the bio-energy of flowers! It’s a magical experience—scroll down to visit the virtual garden tour.

The Alchemy Farm Sequoia Grove project provides a home to endangered Sequoia trees. The project reclaims part of a hay field to provide home and habitat for wild begins as well as future opportunities for visitors to explore a mediation garden held within a sacred circle of Sequoia trees.

We are also home to the Alchemy Flower and Eco Heart Oracles sharing messages from Nature.

Every purchase made in our shop helps fund KIVA loans to women working in agriculture in developing countries plus helps us grow more flowers for bees and pollinators! Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world. 

Magical Alchemy Farm

Flower Essences

The subtle energy of flowers grown at Alchemy Farm, kissed by bees, sunshine and breezes from the Salish Sea
Simply magical

Flower Music
Garden Tour

Listen to the music created from the bio-energy of flowers grown in our gardens

Kind Words from Visitors

Thank you for creating such an enchanting place for us to visit, enjoy the beauty and harmony of the flowers and connect with each other in a beautiful and natural space. 


This is an amazing place. You have made a wonderful garden with such beauty and variety—and to be able to hear the sounds of the flower's energy was a unique sensory experience!

Paul and Beth

What a wonderful experience!...It was so nurturing to connect with the beauty of the farm, learn about the huge selection of flowers and plants on the island...Overall, the experience was wonderful and I most certainly give it 5/5.


Magical place. Glad that mom and I joined this tour and workshop. Ingrid is very knowledgeable on flowers. I love her unique style of floral arrangements. Floral and nature lovers won't be disappointed. Thank you.


A magical experience. I loved discovering the beauty and energy of the flowers. The oracle cards, meditation and flower music are powerful—these will stay with me long after my visit.


Inspiring, touching. Beauty of the moment. Amazing discovery. Thank you for this unforgettable tour! Your vision and passion shine through and filled my soul.


I have had the most amazing experience! You are a beautiful flower yourself! I have learned soooo much from you. What a great birthday gift from my kids!


What a beautiful way to spend my birthday! The smells, bees, sun and flower music are so calming. I love the sounds of the Himalayan Honeysuckle, it's my favourite. xo


Thank you so much for this beautiful experience! I will never forget the colours, scents and sounds of this magical garden!

Planting Trees for the future

Alchemy Farm's Sequoia Grove

Providing habitat for wild beings while creating a legacy for the future.

Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to help the environment. Trees are the lungs of the planet, cleaning the air we breathe and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Trees provide habitat for birds, animals, plants. They filter the water we drink and also provide us with medicine. 

Sequoia are an endangered species, threatened by climate change and fires in their natural southern locations. They will grow and thrive here in our environment which is why we've chosen to plant a grove for the future. Please join us and plant a tree for a loved one!

Connect to the world of flowers

Alchemy Flower Oracle

Messages Based on 48 Flowers We Grow at Alchemy Farm

Messages from Oracle Keepers

Eco Heart Oracle: Such a deep deck! Truly beautiful and beneficial. A meditation and art magazine in one! The plant life is healing and vivid.


Alchemy Flower Oracle: The quality of these cards is awesome. Often I'll draw a single card for inspiration in creative projects, and they have been great for that -- it helps that the notes for each card are extensive, and the art is lovely!! :) 


Eco Heart Oracle: My wife loved these cards from Alchemy Farm Studio. Beautiful, shipped on time. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, be well.


Eco Heart Oracle: Absolutely stunning deck. I was immediately attracted to this deck online, but man oh man..experiencing its energy in person is completely a different story. Amazing!!!


Sister Oracle Gift Set: Absolutely STUNNING decks which hold such beautiful and sacred energies 🙏🏻

So much love, thought and light clearly went into creating these as it is abundantly clear - beautiful art, beautiful energies and a beautiful connection to Gaia and the Natural World.

Thank you so much. Xxx


Alchemy Flower Oracle: I love this deck so much! I wanted both for quite some time and very happy I decided to get both of them. While I also love the eco-♡ deck, this one may be my fav (since I’ve really been wanting an all-floral deck for a long time- this one’s the one!) I think the cards are beautiful and I love the intuitive ease. What a great shop to support! If you haven’t- read their little “about” page. They have a bee/pollinator flower farm and are involved in some great sustainability projects! Definitely a great place to support. I’ll be back to purchase some decks as gifts.


My children ordered these for Mother’s Day gift and they are simply lovely. I loved the guidebook. The gold gilded edges are gorgeous and the card stock is high quality. I love having this unique oracle set. ✨🌙✨

Reconnect to Nature

Eco Heart Oracle

Messages from the World of Nature and Spirit
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KIVA Loans to Women in Agriculture

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Partial Proceeds from all Sales

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