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Day Retreats at Alchemy Farm Working with Flower Energy • Environmental Art • Nature Writing

Come and sit awhile. Relax. Immerse yourself in Nature, and rediscover you.

These small intimate retreats are led by award-winning environmental artist, floral artist, teacher and writer, Ingrid Koivukangas.

Retreats run from 9 am to 4 pm and are held at Alchemy Farm.

An organic vegetarian lunch, made from fresh farm ingredients, and refreshments are provided.

These custom retreats are for groups of 4 or more and are customized for your group.

Please contact us to arrange a Day Retreat at Alchemy Farm - private one-on-one retreats are also available. 



Do you wish you could be more present in the natural world?

Imagine giving yourself the time to explore what it could mean to be more present and aware as you move through the natural world. 

Take a walk through a sunlit alder forest just to listen to the sounds of the trees, and bird song. Close your eyes and stand in the middle of a field to feel the breeze softly touch your face, while the sun warms you and the fragrance of blackberries fills your senses. Sit by an artesianal pond, watching salamanders and tadpoles along the shore, as frogs serenade you. Look up to the blue sky to see eagles soaring overhead as ravens swoop down low to greet you. Imagine giving yourself the time to immerse yourself in nature while allowing your imagination to soar as you discover a feather on the path, or a leaf gently floats down in front of you, or a special flower captures your imagination. Imagine taking these moments and transforming them into creative expressions that reconnect you to nature – to yourself.

These are some of the experiences waiting to be discovered during your retreat at Alchemy Farm. Whether it’s a nature writing retreat or a hands on two-dimensional art-making retreat, or a day spent making ephemeral art in the land, each of the retreats is designed to invite you to honour your sacred connections to the natural world in a safe and sacred space.


What’s included:

• a retreat from 9 am to 4 pm at Alchemy Farm on Salt Spring Island

• organic lunch made with fresh farm grown ingredients
- gluten and dairy free options are available

• refreshments throughout the day including artesian spring water from the farm and
organic coffee and teas and fresh baked goodies

• guidance from an experienced environmental artist, writer, teacher and spiritual guide

• opening and closing Sacred Circle

• guided meditations

• journalling

• art making

• a special gift

• having fun!!

Who are Alchemy Farm Retreats for?

• Someone ready to retreat and spend a day exploring nature and their connection to it

• Someone ready to leave their cell phone and devices at the gate

• Someone who loves nature

• Someone open to finding new ways of expressing themselves

• Someone curious and open to new ways of thinking

• Someone open to the idea of sharing with a group but knows that it’s okay not to

• Someone who yearns to spend time in nature, even for a short time

• Someone ready to make a shift in their life towards a more holistic way of being

Day Retreats are $500 to $800 per person, based on 4 participants. Cost depends on materials used and include: an organic lunch, snacks, refreshments and all materials and supplies. 


It’s easy! Everything is arranged for you!

Everything is taken care. You just need to arrive and be open to exploration and discovery.

Contact us at to reserve your retreat