Bee Garden School: Save Bees, One Flower at a Time

Bees are vanishing. 

The reasons are complex and not completely understood. We know that it is partially in response to neonicotinoids, a group of pesticides used on crops, including bedding plants sold in big box stores—it's also used in flea sprays and RoundUp. Neonictinoids and other pesticide and chemicals are deadly to bees, not just single bees but the entire hive when a bee returns home after visiting contaminated plants. Climate change and mites are also factors. But it’s not just honeybees that are affected. 
Wild bees are equally as affected by neonicotinoids, loss of foraging areas  and flowers due to urbanization and invasive plants. Honeybees are managed by beekeepers but wild bees are on their own. Some believe that honeybees are contributing to the loss of wild bees through competing for dwindling flower foraging areas worldwide. 

Some wild bees have already gone extinct and others are on endangered lists. One in four species of wild bees in the United States is currently at risk of extinction. Many wild bees around the world are critically endangered and some species have vanished—forever.

And it's not just honeybees or wild bees, it's also hummingbirds, bats, birds who have been affected by the death of insect species they have relied upon since time immemorial. Our entire eco system is in peril. 
Our lives and well being are deeply interwoven with pollinators.

We simply will not survive if the bees and pollinators do not.

Bees are responsible for pollinating most of our food supply.
Without bees humans will go extinct. 

You can help.

By learning how to provide wild bee and pollinator habitat, planting flowers rich in nectar and pollen, you can create change in your neighbourhood. It doesn't matter if you live in the city, the suburbs or on an acreage. You can plant pollinator friendly flowers and provide much needed habitat and food for our pollinators and the other species that rely upon them. We are truly in this together, and together we can create change. 

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