Discover the sacred energy of flowers grown at Alchemy Farm on magical Salt Spring Island

Each flower essence is an invitation to communicate with Nature

Handcrafted by an award-winning environmental artist, intuitive and creator of the Alchemy Flower and Eco Heart Oracles and co-creator of Alchemy Farm.

The subtle energy of flowers combined with healing crystals and pure spring water infused with the energy of full moons and sunlight.

I love and deeply respect our plant relations and allies. The plants have been loved, spoken to and had songs whispered to them from the time they were seeds of promise.

They were grown naturally with no pesticides, instead beneficial insects were invited to the gardens to create a balanced environment.

The flowers have been kissed by bees and pollinators who danced upon them and made their home amongst them. Birds have serenaded them, butterflies stopped to rest and frogs sheltered under their shade.

They have graced our hearts with their beauty, shared with garden visitors.

Each flower was gently harvested with love and care from plants grown and tended in the gardens at Alchemy Farm.

Their blossoms were held in pure spring water, as they absorbed the energy of the cosmos, under the gentle light of full moons or summer sun—while their energetic vibration became part of the water.

Some of the flowers shared the pure water with crystals whose vibration was absorbed into the flower essence.

Some have been embedded with flower music, the voice, the music of the mother plant recorded in the gardens.

Many of the flowers, and their messages, are included in the Alchemy Flower and Eco Heart Oracle decks.

We are deeply honoured to share the energy and vibrational messages from the flowers at Alchemy Farm with you.

Enter the subtle magic of flowers with individual flower essences or go on a journey of discovery with our Limited Edition Botanical Gift Box. Perfect for flower lovers, gardeners and nature lovers.



I’m loving my flower essence Borage + Emerald.  It gives me a calm feeling of well-being which is refreshing in these turbulent times.


My heart is full and I took my first dosage and feel the love and protection.


Thank you. The essence was transformational at a time I really needed it.


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Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

All of the flowers in our flower essences were grown with love and care on Salt Spring Island at Alchemy Farm, a flower and bee haven sanctuary.

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