Liatris, Bees and Views from the Garden

Bees: My Morning Companions

Bees are my early morning companions in the Liatris patch. Watching them buzz from flower to flower, digging into each blossom, fills my heart with deep happiness. There are hundreds of them at work here in the Liatris, and many thousands more in other areas of the farm.

One of the reasons I started to grow flowers was to provide a haven for bees, butterflies and other pollinators – to walk my talk as an environmental artist. The wonderful byproduct is being able to share cut flowers, beautiful food for human souls.

A Sanctuary for Pollinators

Since planting my very first, very small, flower patch nearly 3 years ago we have been welcoming different kinds of pollinators, most I've never seen before. Our entire 10 acre farm is buzzing from dawn to dusk with activity. Many times I have gone to harvest flowers only to find them filled with beings having breakfast...I wait and return later to take my turn.

We've planted over 200 different types of flowers and 250+ varieties of dahlias plus flowering shrubs, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. Each one of them provides food for pollinators - food for us and our farm stand. The Alchemy Farm is truly an oasis. A place of alchemy...a sanctuary created with the energy of a place that had been forgotten.


Peace and Nature

When I have time to sit and be present, like this morning,  I realize, remember, that the quietness surrounding me is filled with soft bird song, frog voices, bees buzzing and the soft breeze gently playing through the leaves. This is what life is truly about...being aware of the magic that surrounds you. Listening with your heart, allowing the wonder of Nature to soothe and inform your Soul.

In Nature, you will find your peace, because you are truly part of the magnificent orchestra of life that is unfolding on this beautiful planet we all call home. We are not separate from the bees that pollinate our food. We are truth, we are completely dependent on the pollinators and will not survive without them.


Create Your Own Bee Garden Sanctuary

Plant flowers in your patch of the world, take a moment to sit in wonderment, start creating a haven around you and in the process find your way to peace and your ancestral memories of being deeply connected with all that surrounds you. 

If you are unsure where to start, have a quick look at the Bee Graden School, an online course, that teaches you how to create a garden for bees and other pollinators on your balcony, rooftop, or community garden plot — from seed to beautiful blooms. We would love to see you inside.