Full Super Pink Moon Flower Essences: A Visit from the Fairy Realm

The evening was hovering in the indigo time just before the super full Pink Moon made an emergence. The North Star flickered on the horizon. The air still held onto the sun’s warmth. Robins were singing in the night, a slightly different song from the one they’d be offering at dawn. Frogs were offering a chorus and owls answering in kind. Sleepy bees too late to reach their hives safely slept inside flowers.  

Full moons are a doorway to amplified energies and awakenings. Super moons even more so.
They are called super moons because they appear to be about 14% larger than usual. This phenomenon is because the moon is physically closer to the Earth during this part of its elliptical journey. The April full super moon is known in North America as the Super Pink Moon and named not because the moon is pink but for pink phlox flowers that bloom at this time of year.  

Lunar rituals support healing, cleansing emotions, releasing doubt, fear and judgement. Working with water, and whatever other elements you choose, during a full moon make your work even more potent by infusing the energy of the moon with the other properties you are working with. Working with flowers, water and the super full moon captures the subtle energies of all the components to create an alchemical blend of healing essence. 

The flowers I’d carefully collected from the gardens throughout the evening were floating in glass vessels along with carefully selected crystals. I’d been working with these flowers for many years, most of them right from seeds. I’d tended to them, talked with them, excused myself if I bumped into them in the gardens, woken in the middle of the night feeling the parched cries of one I’d forgotten to water. Many of them had shared messages with me during meditations for the Alchemy Flower Oracle, sacred messages that have become part of who I am.  

I laid out the vessels, filled with flowers, carefully on the rock wall below the rose gardens. I closed my eyes and said a prayer, inviting the energy of the flowers, of the land, of fairies and unseen elementals, to bless and alchemically blend their energies with those of the crystals and artisan spring waters to create an essence of healing and hope.  

Making flower essences with the guidance of flowers was a natural progression, one that had started any years before when I was a child and had my first garden patch.
I was a member of the 4H Garden Club, I’m not sure how I ended up there, perhaps my mother had registered me. At one time a psychic had told her that I would be working with flowers (I didn’t believe it then). The first flower I grew that was officially all ‘my own’ was a dahlia (of course).  

As I stood in the gardens waiting for the moon to appear I thought about how my life as an environmental artist had led me to co-creating Alchemy Farm with my husband.
How deeply I had sunk the roots of my heart into the soil, the plants, the water, the earth here on this 10-acre slice of paradise in the Salish Sea. I was no longer certain where the boundaries of who I was and where I lived—it was as if I had become an embodiment of the land, of the forces that resided here. A go between, a carrier of messages and secrets of the plants and land. 

The moon appearing interrupted my thoughts. Beams began to light the garden walls and glint upon the sacred waters that held the flowers. I took out my camera and began to take photographs hoping that there was enough light to capture the magic I was witnessing. After a few photos I stopped to see how the photos looked. 

I was stunned to see a green light with wings make its way to the jars on the wall.
I blinked and thought my phone must be having a problem of some kind and  tried taking a few more photos. Each one showed the green light moving from one flower essence jar to the next. In some photos the light is inside jars while others it streaks across the photo to the next jar. I could not see this light with my own eyes—or perhaps I was too busy taking photos to notice. 

I am always humbled to catch glimpses of the unseen world, the magic that surrounds us. Yes, there are times when I begin to doubt, begin to lose my anchor, as I get caught up in the busy-ness of daily life. There are times I feel like I’m drowning in social media and getting lost in the non-real world that most of us find ourselves in. It is then that I understand that the photos of the Green Light Being visiting the flower essences are gifts, reminders of the natural world, the unseen yet real world that awaits each of us. Gifts to share with you so that you too might remember your birth right, your deep and ancient connections to the Earth and the cosmos. 

Click to view a short video slide show of the photos from that night.


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