Welcome to the Alchemy Farm Dahlia Shop! We're excited to share these beauties with you!

We've restocked some of our favourite dahlias! Supplies are limited. 

We grow nearly 300 different kinds of dahlias and each year we share a few varieties with our dahlia friends! All the tubers we sell have been grown here at our farm with no pesticides or yucky stuff. We love our dahlias and are fanatical about their care and well being. They provide homes for bees and pollinators as well as fill our, and our customers, lives with beauty. 
We ship our tubers individually, or same varieties together, in small bags filled with pine chips and a bit of vermiculite as well as sprinkles of cinnamon to discourage mold—and your dahlias smell amazing when they arrive! Each bag is clearly labeled with the variety and each tuber is marked with its name. 
Tubers ship in early spring. If you live on the west coast then we can ship as early as March, for other regions in Canada we wait until all danger of frost has passed—usually sometime in April.