Weeping Under the Plum Tree

Today I found myself weeping under the boughs of a plum tree in our orchard. I was taking a break from the computer and grappling with decisions around my work in the face of Covid-19 and the stress it’s causing in everyone’s lives. So I decided to take a walk through the gardens with my camera so I could capture photos of what is blooming to share with you. The deep fragrance of the plum blossoms arrived on the breeze, beckoning me to the bottom of the orchard.

I’ve always loved this tree. It’s the first to bloom each spring. It’s a blaze of golden splendor each autumn, and every couple of years she gifts us with small yellow jewels of plums. As I stood there enveloped in one of the most beautiful perfumes in the natural world, I began shooting the blossoms. 


The Tree Was Alight

It didn’t take long to realize that the tree was alight with bees and pollinators of every kind. Big fat yellow bumble bees, black bumble bees, honey bees, mason bees, arachnid flies and even butterflies—and more arrived as I witnessed this wonder in awe.

I was overwhelmed with the understanding that I was deeply troubled and affected by the news of Covid-19, that even though my family and I are healthy, the energy of the virus was alive in my imagination. Perhaps you can relate.

This Uncertainty Will Pass

I was overcome with a profound sense that what was before me—the bees, the plum tree, the sun warming the blooms—is what is truly real. Yes, Covid-19 is real, but it’s a virus that will eventually run its course. We may currently be in a place of uncertainty and fear, but it will pass. 

Perhaps this pandemic is what is required for us to begin to grasp the enormity of what we as a species have done to this planet. Our insatiable need to have more material goods has disrupted our deep connections to the Earth that sustains and holds us.

I wept for the bees and pollinators, for the suffering we have inflicted upon them, and for the truth that our species will not survive without them. I wept because I made a promise long ago to help them, and I was feeling curbed by a virus, a contagion of fear.

The Bees and Pollinators Are Still Working

The flowers are blooming, the bees are foraging, and Nature is preparing to awaken the Earth again as she has for millennia. The bees and pollinators still require our help and one way we can do that is to plant flowers and create habitats for them.

I encourage you to plant a garden filled with flowers, as well as fruits, vegetables and berries, that pollinators love and desperately need. When you plant flowers, you are reconnecting to nature, to the natural rhythms of the earth. What could be more powerful at this time than to reconnect to the natural world, to remember that everything is a cycle? When Covid-19 has come to the end of its cycle, the bees, pollinators and humans will still be here, ready to begin anew.

So after weeks of doubt caused by the pandemic—and my feelings of uncertainty—I have decided to send out messages of flowers and hope from Alchemy Farm, sharing special moments and reflections from our gardens.

Perhaps the beauty of the flowers and gardens, that surround us at Alchemy Farm, and heal my heart will also touch yours.⁣ Perhaps I can share flower medicine with you from a distance.

Please Join Me Under The Plum Tree

I hope you will feel called to join me, to stand under the plum tree holding my hand as together we bring healing to the bees, the pollinators, indeed to our planet and future generations. Transform your uncertainty and put your energy into growing flowers for bees and join me in becoming a floral thread in a garden network of healing. Please join me on Instagram  @alchemyfarmstudio