Eco Heart Oracle ~ Created on Salt Spring ~ Gift Wrapped in Gold Organza Bag


The Eco Heart Oracle is a 48 card oracle deck created by Ingrid Koivukangas, co-owner of Alchemy Farm, and an environmental artist who works intuitively with site energies, dreams and deep meditations to create art that reconnects people back to the Earth and Nature. The cards come directly from her experiences working at sites and have been in progress for over 15 years.

The intention in creating the cards is to bring forward messages from nature spirits and animal and plant messengers – and through the process to bring users a new awareness, and understanding of, their connections to nature and the unseen animal and spirit worlds.

The deck includes 48 full colour cards, a guidebook and box. The guidebook includes mythological and symbolic meanings for each subject plus messages received during deep meditations for each individual card.

Choose to use the Oracle for a one card reading for daily guidance or to access a quick answer to your question. You can also use the Oracle for a more in-depth reading using one of the suggested methods in the guidebook.

A tree will be planted for each deck sold.

The Eco Heart Oracle decks sold in the Alchemy Farm Online Shop can only be purchases as an add on to a flower order. If you are interested in purchasing a deck for someone who does not live on Salt Spring Island please order at Eco Heart Design 



Email us at if you need help with placing an order or have questions about flowers availability or delivery. Dismiss

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